Saturday, February 21, 2015

Understanding camera operations

  For this assignment we were required to learn various different camera controls through NewsU tutorials and our photojournalism textbook.
  I learned that there are actual names for what I thought were just cool angles or coincidences. I learned a lot about not only how to shoot pictures, but also what types of pictures work better for different situations. With every assignment I always learn more and this assignment was no exception.
  As well as learning a lot, I also enjoyed this assignment quite a bit. I carried my camera around pretty much everywhere I went for a couple of days in hopes that I would capture something worthwhile and indeed I did.

Too cool to pose for pictures.
Stealing hats to stay warm at the dog park.
This man is into oranges and Katy Perry.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cell phone photography in media

   For this assignment, we were required to take on the Wayne State University campus and capture what we considered to be newsworthy. At first, I thought this would be a super easy point and shoot type of thing. I was far from right. I had to go beyond the point and shoot mindset that I had developed when we received this assignment.
   With the first picture that I took for Twitter, I actually felt like a stalker because of the way that I was trailing a student to get a decent picture. After following this student for at least half a block, I found a semi perfect moment where the sun was not as intense. I felt that this picture provided a bit of insight to the conditions that Wayne State University students deal with during the Winter semester.
   The second picture that I took was for Instagram and my favorite. I really like this picture because it screams picture perfect to me. Originally I had taken a picture of this little girl walking hand in hand with her mother, soon after taking that picture, though the little girl ran off to play in a puddle.
   I have learned so much through the hands on experience as well as the tutorials. I have learned that leaving my comfort zone is essential to getting good pictures and that hashtags play an important role when posting my pictures on social media websites

Students brave the cold to get to their classes.
Fun is to be found everywhere.