Saturday, April 11, 2015

Portraits, parks, patience

Andrew and Annabel pose before sliding into a puddle.
  This assignment was probably one of my favorite assignments. The first thought that came to mind when we were given this assignment was the park. What better place to get pictures of someone happy and in their environment. Of course, I had to find someone who would allow me to boss around their children. This person came in the form of a constantly tired cousin who was more than happy to hand off her children to me.
  This assignment, although not as challenging as previous assignments, was a challenge in and of itself. I of course had to wait for the perfect moment to snap a picture because these kids would not stop swinging for anyone.
  The most difficult aspect of this assignment was the waiting. Through this assignment, I learned that I need to work on being patient. Had I not been patient, I would not have gotten some of the pictures that I got.
  I also learned that allowing your subject to just do their thing will result in better and more natural pictures. This assignment was hands down my favorite assignment.

Andrew smiles despite all the rocks that have made their way into his shoes.
Bonus picture: Annabel soaks in the sun before wreaking havoc.

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