Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The hunt for the perfect picture

  For this assignment we were required to step out of comfort zone, which in short means stop taking pictures of buildings and dogs and finally take feature pictures. I was presented with a list of pictures that were needed by my school's newspaper and was left to choose what I would shoot for this assignment. I choose a seemingly easy idea, the Detroit skyline.
  I was required to go beyond the traditional skyline that can be found on Google. After asking around, no one was willing to offer up their rooftop to me. With some motherly help, though, I came up with the idea of taking pictures from the top of a Greektown Casino parking garage. From seven floors above the heart of Detroit, I shot pictures from any and every angle.
  As well as the picture that we had to do for my school's newspaper, we also had to take a feature picture of our choosing. Naturally, my camera-ready brother offered up his wrestling team. Aside from the stench of dirty socks and sweaty unwashed wrestling gear, shooting Hazel Park Junior High's wrestling team was a fun experience.

Detroit skyline from on top of Greektown Casino parking garage, March 5, 2015.
  Of all the pictures that I took from atop the Greektown Casino parking garage, this was one of my favorites.

Wrestling practice ensues despite being relocated to a completely different gym, March 4, 2015.
   Despite the smell of the gym, I really enjoyed taking pictures of the Hazel Park Junior High wrestling team.

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